Responsible Gaming

X1 Games is a responsible and respectable company, and as such our platform is the very embodiment of our values, mission and vision. In keeping with our ideals, all of us X1 Games have come to expect our users and customers to work as per the guidelines that flow out of our principles as well.

Accordingly, we encourage our players and users to play and use our platform responsibly, and towards this, we have implemented various precautionary measures to enable us to be a responsible game provider.

Here are X1 Games’s measures to provide for responsible gaming:

  • We implement a strict and robust Anti-Fraud/Pro-security policy
  • We would like to assure our users that all the personal information they have provided to us will be safe and secure, as we always employ High Level Encryption.
  • Underage gaming is not permitted on our platform. Therefore, anyone below 18 years of age is not allowed to play on the site
  • We regularly monitor all of our online Rummy games to swiftly detect any fraudulent behaviour
  • We enact flexible features to limit players’ online cash deposits, and even withdrawal amounts

Further, we would like to add that while Indian Rummy at X1 Games can be an entertaining, exciting and even a relaxing pursuit, we would like to provide each of our users and players with a few tips as to how they can act in their own self-interest, as well that of others on their way to providing a better and more responsible experience for everyone. Here are some of these measures:

  • Rummy should be played in moderation and undertaken as a form of leisure, and not as a principle method of making money/income
  • Players, should as far as possible, avoid chasing losses
  • Players are encouraged to set time and cash deposit limits, and should do their very best to adhere to them
  • Players are also encouraged not to prioritize playing Rummy over other important activities that impact their lives
  • Players should always play with a positive mind-set

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