Rummy Loyalty Club

At X1 Games, all of our players’ complete and ultimate satisfaction is the very thing that catapults and drives us towards offering bigger and better services. In fact, we treat it as a privilege to serve so many of our players.

A Loyalty Club is therefore simply another in a long line of efforts to always provide our players with the very best. This gesture isn’t something we take lightly at all, and we seek to reward your continued patronage, and appreciate your loyalty towards us, over the years. As such, through the X1 Games Loyalty Club, we wish to reward you for every valuable rupee you have wagered on our platform, in an effort to strengthen our bond

X1 Games gives you the opportunity to earn Loyalty Points by enrolling yourself in Cash Games on our platform. You earn 1 Loyalty Point for every Rs. 2 you wager on our platform. The more Cash Games you play, and the more you wager, the more Loyalty Points you will earn. What’s more, the more points you earn, the bigger and the more prestigious Loyalty club you will be granted membership to. So start playing, and begin wagering!

Five X1 Games Loyalty Clubs

X1 Games offers you the chance to gain membership to five different Loyalty Clubs, each affording you its own distinct advantages and privileges. The more points you earn, the bigger and the more prestigious the Loyalty club you are upgraded to. The Bonuses and rewards you earn are based on the level of Loyalty Club you have membership to, and the total amount of cash you wager.

The five Loyalty Clubs are as follows:

  • The Coral Club
  • The Sapphire Club
  • The Ruby Club
  • The Emerald Club
  • The Club of Diamonds
SAPPHIRE CLUB 1 - 20,000
RUBY CLUB 20,001 - 50,000
EMERALD CLUB 50,001 - l Lakh

Benefits of Loyalty Points:

Your Loyalty Points opens you up to several privileges, benefits and advantages. Here they are:

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Withdrawals
  • Free Loyalty Points
  • Add larger amounts of cash to your account
  • Cashbacks on deposits
  • Access to VIP-only tournaments
  • Free entry to tournaments
  • Special Family Codes
  • Access to our exclusive store (Coming soon)
  • Bespoke offers & much more

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only players who have played at least one cash game on the x1games Games platform are allowed entry into the X1 Games Loyalty program.
  • Loyalty Points are calculated in real time, and will be updated to your account at the end of each game.
  • The amount of cash to be wagered to earn 1 loyalty point can be changed by the Management at any time, and without prior notice.
  • The number of Loyalty Points to be earned in order to be able to be upgraded to a particular Loyalty Club level can be changed at the discretion of the Management, and without prior notice.
  • Loyalty points are earned only by playing cash games (Strikes, Pools, Deals & Tournaments), and not by playing free games.
  • Loyalty points are not transferable to other players
  • Loyalty points cannot be bought. They can only be earned by playing cash games on the X1 Games platform.
  • In case of any discrepancy, the decision of the Management will be final and binding.

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