Exclusive Rummy Gaming Experience

Exclusive Rummy
Gaming Experience

Multiple Rummy Variants
  • Deals, Pools, & Strikes Variations
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Play Rummy 24 x 7
AI Secured Games
  • Smart Correction
  • AI Meld Cards
  • Extended Auto Play
Easy & Fastest Withdrawals
  • SSL Secured Website
  • RNG Certified Games - iTech Labs
  • Responsible Gaming

₹12 Crore in winnings make your team now!

₹12 Crore in winnings
make your team now!

Pick your Match

Choose an upcoming match that you would like to start playing.

Create Your Teams

Pick the right players and collect Fantasy points - you’ve got it in you!

Join Free & Cash Contests

Participate in Cash or Practice Contests.

Pick your Match

Choose an upcoming match that you would like to start playing.

Create Your Teams

Pick the right players and collect Fantasy points - you’ve got it in you!

Join Free & Cash Contests

Participate in Cash or Practice Contests.

Rummy Players Love X1 Games

We see our players with great respect and we proudly call them Rummy Stars.

I’ve played rummy on several sites so far but I haven’t found one better than X1 Games. It’s great fun to unwind after a long hard day at work. As a businessman running a successful Italian kitchen, I have very little time and patience.

Thane, Maharashtra

My friends and I used to play rummy a lot before, but then everyone took up very hectic jobs and some even moved to other cities. I came across X1 Games and really liked it, so I told them to try it out. Now we are playing regularly in the evenings

Srinivas Rao
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

I’m Tejaswini, and I’m a Project Manager in the construction field. Good graphics, good UX X1 Games has, so I like playing here. I get my money’s worth, and I really like their cash prizes. Very happy I won a good amount from the birthday 4L cash giveaway, still playing to win more.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Play X1 Games Online - Any where! Any Time!!

We are India’s first and only platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Smart
Correction, Extended Auto Play and Inteli Safe and much more.

Play X1 Games Online
Any where! Any Time!!

We are India’s first and only platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Smart
Correction, Extended Auto Play and Inteli Safe and much more.

Rummy is best served online – X1 Games makes it an even better online rummy experience!

Here at X1Games, you will realize once again that online rummy is the best way of experiencing the thirteen card game!

Even as you are looking at this page, the X1 Games app is experiencing high volume downloads across the Internet! Intense gaming, powered by a secure platform and protected transactions have defined X1 Games as the best site to play rummy online in India.

Blend tech with real rummy experience and you have X1 Games online!

At X1 Games, we leveraged ‘excitement’ from cash games and combined it with data technology to give each player a highly customized and fair card game. Sitting at cash game tables online, millions of players play rummy 24/7!

Punch packed rummy variants are lined up for every card game preference …

From the regular thirteen card cash game rummy to the fast and furious Points Rummy, the predefined chips and deals based Deals Rummy, the fat prize pool rich Pool Rummy, or the unusual Marriage Rummy, we cover them all at X1 Games. Per rules, risk appetites, or spending preferences our fans play rummy variants online!

Fully legal and fully interesting – players can indulge in rummy with a free mind!

Without a second concern, players can indulge in fully legal online rummy at X1 Games. Rummy has been declared a game of skill years ago by the Supreme Court of India. So, now, when you play rummy online, only worry about getting life sequences in the cash game straight!

Your online Rummy money is 100% assured thanks to secure payments at X1 Games

X1 Games offers quick/easy multiple payment options that put cash into your bank account directly. We use standard, foolproof payment gateways, SSL certificates, and boast of the fastest withdrawals. Our players play rummy and access winnings from cash games within 24 hrs via their smartphones.

Sign up and take advantage of the largest giveaway promotions and numerous tournaments!

Get free access to Freeroll/cash tournaments and the biggest cash game prizes! X1 Games offers multi-table, multiple player, and fast-paced cash games across numerous simultaneous tournaments to play rummy.

All thirteen rummy cards are waiting for you – Hit PLAY RUMMY now because this is the currently hot online rummy site!

Hey there! Ready to start your online rummy foray?

Here is all you need to know to launch full scale and conquer rummy games!

You will need to first enter your details in the Sign Up form. It’s easy to find! Just look at the top right corner on the home page. It clearly says ‘Sign up now and get Rs.5500 bonus’’.

  1. Once you enter an easy to remember username, password and mobile number, you will receive a One Time Password on the same.
  2. Use the OTP and sign in. Now you are officially REGISTERED! Congrats! And that too for free!
  3. You can also use your Google or Facebook credentials to sign up if you don’t want to have a separate username and password combination.
  4. (This is also a good time to consider referring a friend and benefit from a super-cool referral bonus).
  5. So there! You're now signed in to your very own online rummy account at X1 Games!
  6. Next steps? Quickly make a deposit into your account and unlock a whole bunch of Cash Games so you can reap more and more prizes! Some cool info to watch out for:
  7. Now that you are all set to take on the rummy contenders on X1 Games, do watch out for the numerous promotions – here at X1 Games, we have awesome games lined up 24/7!
  8. Alongside the exciting cash games, we also have free games! And you guessed right, you can win prizes in these as well.

Don’t wait. Get started straightaway! You can also click here to register!

Playing rummy on your desktop is the best as it brings virtual rummy right into your room!

Playing rummy online is great. No doubts there. But playing rummy on your desktop is as good or even better! The reason is that online rummy needs a strong, unfailing internet connection. It’s great to interact with multiple payers across the globe and engage in the challenge of an online rummy tournament.

In case your internet doesn’t support you, you can easily switch to playing rummy on desktop and continue enjoying your favourite rummy game without any hitches.

X1 Games offers multiple platform online rummy so you can access your favourite rummy anytime, anywhere and keep winning th9se awesome tournaments!

Check your system’s compatibility to play rummy on desktop

Before you begin downloading rummy, you will need a desktop system with a proper configuration.

Click download and desktop rummy is ready for you to play:

  1. Check on the X1 Games site for the configuration. Once you know that your system satisfies the requirements, you can click on the “Download Rummy” button on X1 Games site.
  2. A set up file opens. You will need to click ‘Run’ now.
  3. Follow the rest of the instructions to install the software.

So there, your favourite rummy game comes rushing on to your desktop in just one click.

Register before you start to play rummy on desktop:

Once you download the game, register yourself on the X1 Games site and get a username and password. You will need to Use these credentials when you are playing rummy on your desktop

It’s done! Don’t wait, start playing rummy on your desktop now!

When the game downloads completely, you will find an icon on your desktop. Double click this to open the game.

From here, just log in with your username and password and enjoy the awesome rummy experience on your desktop. Your cash games will keep fetching you prize money even on the desktop rummy version.

If you have any difficulty with downloading rummy for playing on your desktop or getting the credential or any other issues, simply call customer support and they will sort the issue out for you.

Lobby and Tables – All you need to know about these great rummy features at X1 Games

In case you are wondering what all the Lobby and Table business is about, let us explain in clear online rummy language.

Lobby – helps you filter out your favourite rummy game:

The Lobby is nothing but the interface you see on the site. It is the screen on which you have the filters to customize and see the rummy games you prefer in particular.

In the Lobby, you will find filters for game type, number of players and entry amount. You can use these filters and get only those games you want. All the single-table and multi-table tournaments on X1 Games can be seen here.

Here is how it works:

  1. On the screen, you will see multiple tabs specifying if it’s a free game, or a cash game or a single table tournament or a multi-table tournament.
  2. Click on your choice and you will see a table containing filters. Choose what you prefer to save your choice for the next time you log in.
  3. You can quickly filter for the game of your choice, and once it’s highlighted, you can click on ‘JOIN’ to access your seat at the game’s table.

Table – is where you actually play the online rummy game:

The table is simply the virtual table you play the online rummy game on. You can select a 2 player or up to six player tables. If you are playing in a multi table tournament, you would usually play on a 6 player table.

In order to provide you with the best gaming experience even on mobile devices, X1 Games uses state-of-the-art technology, Artificial Intelligence and high quality graphics. You will find the same interactivity and filtering options on the mobile version of the X1 Games. That’s how you can seamless filter for your favourite rummy games whether on mobile or on desktop – only at X1 Games!!

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